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Private Detective Agency

Private Detectives are often called Investigators and are a group of professionals employed by an agency. Private detectives are hired to help investigate any matter pertaining to personal or professional matter e.g. Individual or organization in need of factual information for self or business reason. As best practice, investigations are carried within the defined law of specific country where investigation is to be carried. All information gathered during the investigation becomes property of client and investigation agency destroys the evidence and reports post the assignment is finally handed over.

Organizations requiring pre or post employment investigations, thefts, frauds, data leakage, surveillance, matter related to trust honesty of company people, undercover operations or before signing up business deals with other parties or competitor’ information etc. requires these professionals.

People’ having any personal matter related to pre or post marriage investigation or relationships, spouse infidelity doubts, thefts, missing person items etc. requires Private detectives.

In all the above cases the operations are undercover and move with regular feedback and within the control of the client and can be used as proof in court of law for future action plans if required. Public at large is not aware about the tremendous benefits which the detective agency offers it is a great relief to the tremendous stress through which a person passes when critical issues remains a mystery. The hiring of detective agency is a great investment to any smooth relationship and business. Any sensitive issues which a person or company may fear the social or public exposure require only and only Private detective agencies.

Aider is team of key professionals who have carved a niche for themselves with their many decades of rich experience. Founded & headed by renowned and celebrated Sanjeev Deswal who requires no introduction in the world of detectives in fact he is the big dady of this detective world. All the major media be it popular TV Channels, newspapers. Radio channels or popular magazines regularly praises covers Deswal for his sharp result oriented stories cases talk shows. No one can afford to cover their stories on detective world without the inputs of Sanjeev Deswal. His sharpness, keen analytical skills and support team of highly trained investigators and state of the art latest technological equipments puts Aider alone at the top of India’s detective agencies. His wide and sharp network in India and abroad makes all the cases solve with ease, accuracy and in time.

Rated amongst India's top intelligence service provider company 'Aider', was established in 1989 by well qualified group of professionals including Sanjeev Deswal the present (MD). It is one of the most sought after name in the profession of Private Investigation in India. The Aider, since inception, focused on specialized business area of Corporate Intelligence, Risk Mitigation, Fraud Detection, Litigation Support, Due Diligence Analysis and Under Cover Operations & Personal Investigations.

Corporate Services

Aider does conduct internal and external investigations for corporate world. Internal investigations involve drug usage in the work place, ensure that expense accounts are not distorted/ abused, determine employees involved in stealing merchandise or information. External investigations typically prevent criminal proceedings/ schemes originating outside the corporate premises. The loss of company assets through fraudulent billing by suppliers, short supply and inventory contract checking.

Personal and Individual Services

People often find themselves helpless when faced with problems of personal in nature. They have no readymade solutions as their reputation being on stake. These problems differ from person to person, as no two person possibly will have exactly similar kind of problem. This demands the services of specialised investigation agency to assist and provide the best solutions to each problem read more...

Specialised Services

In order to be in lead and stay ahead in today’s competitive world, big corporate houses often try to keep a tab on rivals. With technology getting embedded into our lives, office without technological support is unthinkable and impossible.read more...

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