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Corporate Services

Pre Employment Verification

It is vital for every organization to run a check on their employees before employing them. It is in the benefit of the organization to run a check on the employee before and after employing him to keep probable frauds and manipulation in control. Therefore it is important to verify the credential of all employees before employing them.

Verification of the employees must be done for the following reasons:

  • National Security
  • Protect Organizations Reputation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Reduce Litigation Cost
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Weed out Unscrupulous Employees
  • Reduce Financial Frauds and Losses

It is not difficult for an employee to change or fabricate his resume to appear as an eligible candidate. Many a times it happens when employees delete or add additional information so as to suit better to the position they are applying for.

The checking and screening of resumes is required because of the following reasons:

  • About 70% resumes contain one or more lies
  • About 57% employees increase their CTC/Salary
  • About 25% CVs have incorrect supporting documents
  • About 52% of the employees mention wrong reason of leaving
  • In 17% cases, discrepancies are found in work profile
  • About 8% employees claim higher designations in their CVs 
  • Many degrees are added which are never been obtained
  • Many employees have a criminal background

Not every employee is loyal and mentions everything correctly on his resume. Therefore hiring a detective service to help you figure out which among your employees is loyal and true becomes important. Aider has been working as a detective agency since many years and have helped many organizations protect themselves from the fraudulent employees and secure the company’s reputation. We run a complete check on employees background and help you in knowing the exact eligibility, potential and current CTC so that you can employ only the best candidates for your organization. We have a team of expert detectives who work with our clients to determine the exact and right information to make hiring decisions.

Post Employment Verification

In order to keep your organization working successfully and limit the occurrence of fraud you need to run post employment verifications. There are many times when organizations need verification of specific individuals involved in activities like:

  • Internal fraud
  • Theft by employees
  • Misappropriation of information and industrial espionage
  • Big or small cases of pilferage
  • Mishandling or leakage of business information and important data.
  • Any kind of fraudulent mischief in the company like embezzlement of funds.
  • Copyright, patent and trademark infringement

It is essential to ensure the honesty of the employees because any leniency in this respect can prove fatal for the working and productivity of the company. Verifying whether the employees are loyal to the company and are not misusing the assets or important information of the company is vital. Employees working at different levels in the company can cause a severe damage to the reputation of the company. Any misuse or mishandling of company’s confidential information by the employees can cause a great loss.

We help you preserve your important information and conduct verification on all or doubtful employees to protect the name and reputation of your company. If you run a MNC, you definitely won’t know about each and every employee and what he does after or in his working hours. We help you manage your staff in a better way and keep an eye on any misconduct or breach so that you can catch it there and then and save yourself from the consequences.

Integrity of employees can never be ignored at management level as it could prove costly for the complete organization. Any employee at a significant position within the company has the potential to cause severe damage, if access can be gained to databases and other confidential information. The security of company is only as strong as the weakest link.

We carry out evaluations on such employees considered to be at these "risk positions". A comprehensive report is submitted on their background, criminal record, and previous employment history, and education qualifications. A detailed report on their social behavior, and known associates is also submitted, giving you total peace of mind.

Asset Verification

Managing your organization and employees is a tiresome task and often you become lazy when it comes to assets verification. Asset verification is important to help you determine your hidden assets. Aaider detective company helps businesses and organizations in identifying their assets. Our dedicated team is holds the skill and proven ability to locate the hidden assets and funds of the organization.

Every company possesses two kinds of assets, movable and immovable assets. Aaider detective company helps in asset investigation and resolve cases like:

  • Company Records : Aaider gives you information of all private and public limited companies working in India and details about their business partners, business location, capital invested, sales tax information and provident funds detail.
  • Property Records : we give you information about the actual owner of the land/property or shop with its actual cost estimation. We give you information with evidence so that you only get true information.
  • Bank Account : Aaider detective also provides you information of bank details like current accounts, saving accounts, fixed deposits and recurring accounts.
  • Vehicle Ownership : Real owner of the vehicle with details of address.
  • We also carry immovable and movable asset investigation in any region, area or part of India.

We have our detectives spread throughout the country who provide the required information to our clients. With their contacts and relations with various major and minor agencies, taking out information that is otherwise difficult for a layman to access becomes easy.

Industrial Espionage & Counter Espionange

It is significant to know the strength and weaknesses of a business to achieve optimized results and minimize wastage and operational costs. We understand the importance of confidential information for a company and help in protecting it. Aaider specializes in detecting the root cause of the problem and saves you from incurring damages and loss. We also provide Internal Diagnosis for businesses that aim to attain top positions in their field. Under Internal diagnosis, we attain operational intelligence, without coming into anyone's notice and deploy our qualified detectives to collect useful information. Today crime and fraud rate in business sector is on the rise, therefore protecting your assets, confidential information and keeping in pace with you company’s productivity is important. We help you in

  • Identifying the inadequacies in procedures and systems
  • Analyzing management processes
  • Complaints root cause analysis
  • Technical appraisal of technology, operations, and machines
  • Financial frauds and irregularities
  • Pilferage of information and goods
  • Integrity appraisal of employees
  • Identifying wastage and bottlenecks
  • EHS (Environment, Health and Security) audit
  • Acquire proofs and evidences to support observations
  • Strategic recommendation for improvements
  • Implementation of progressive strategies

This practice helps us in identifying loopholes. Inadequacies, and blocks in the pathway to your success. Many of our clients have been highly benefitted by this program in enhancing their business volumes and scales. Our team of competent and skillful Management Consultants, Chartered Accounts, Lawyers and Investigators, MBA’s, Research associates search for the root cause of every financial and asset details, relevant intelligence, sales and production information, operational information, information of directors/promoters and other details that are needed for making a decision about merger and acquisition, joint venture, investment, take over or similar alliance. We also perform due intelligence of present operations, employees performance, operational information and EHS audits to assist our clients in optimizing the operational edge and minimizing risks, conflicts, and wastages. We include details in our due intelligence report.

Bank Fraud And Economic Offences

In the recent past the finance and loan market has made a tremendous comeback. Now it has becomes really easy to get your car or home financed because of so many financing options available. The ease in getting loans has further made it easier to fake by using someone else documents and getting finance in their name. Many cases of such kinds have been heard and reported in news.

If you have been a victim of such an event then it is necessary to approach a detective who will solve your case and will save you from incurring a huge loss. Aaider detective company is working from many years in this field and has solved many bank fraud and economic offences. With the skill and expertise of our professional detective, we are not only able to enjoy a great reputation in the society but also have been able to solve most complex cases.

We specialize in Financial Services matters like:

  • Cheque missing cases
  • Cheque bouncing cases,
  • Bank loan default cases,
  • Loans default by companies,
  • Breach of commercial contracts,
  • Breach of agreements,

People have been facing such problems from years, earlier they did not use to have an agency to fall back upon but now with the changing times and increasing vigilance, you can always fall back on Aaider detective agency to help you out and solve you cases. We have the right infrastructure and team of expert detectives who work in their best possible potential to help in solving your case. We use specialized method/team to detect these frauds and have few MNC banks in our list for which we are doing this practice.

Risk Analysis

The term broadly defines the implementation of investigative methods to gauge potential risks. This encapsulates a variety of situations from physical protection through to information security.

All companies or organizations have physical or electronic systems in place that are designed to increase productivity and allow the smooth functioning of daily business. Typical examples of these are standard staff procedures, bespoke communications equipment and software packages that enable the input and logging of information. We have found that most areas can be exploited and subsequently increase the risk of a serious problem.

We are one of the best in this field to perform and conduct a security audit of your organization to evaluate the threat, potential hazards of your procedures and systems. We achieve high results using expertise, technique and softwares do this by investigating each specific area of your business and examining the way in which it works, what its goals are and how it interacts with other areas. We concentrate on the passage of information and the physical interaction of staff with that information. Once this is complete we then compile a thorough report outlining, where necessary, areas which need improvement and the suggested methods to implement the improvements. If required, we can then assist in the implementation of these methods and training the staff if needed.

Services to Insurance Sector

Insurance companies have a fair idea of fraudulent claims that are made by people and companies in order to gain monetary benefits. The cost incurred by insurance sector is on the rise and thus making insurance sector suffer a loss. Aider detective agency has been working since 1989 to give complete solutions in insurance investigations of claims and frauds. We have worked for almost all vehicle, industrial, general, and health insurance companies.

Some of our investigation service includes:

  • Claims investigations
  • Video / Still Photography
  • Tracing / Verifying assets and property
  • Claims assessment and verification
  • Surveillance
  • Investigate intentions of the claimants
  • Acquire conflicting evidences,
  • Verify genuineness of submitted documents,
  • Study and acquire evidences against people connived with the claimant,
  • Provide legal services
  • Acquire relevant proofs and evidences

Our investigations are carried by experts and are based on the latest analytical devices, techniques and tools. We give you correct and accurate information with sufficient proofs. We make use of the latest technology, video and still photography to capture the evidence and give you what you want. We deliver devices in cases of loss of property, accidents, casualty, health and medical claims and cases of death. We help large scale organizations that are flooded with staff constantly lsooking for compensation seeking opportunities. By carrying a private investigation we attempt to either prove or disprove industrial injury allegations and fraudulent claims our highly experienced, motivated and trained team is successful in the gathering evidence, which reduces your liability and in most cases render a plaintiff's claim invalid

Indian Process Server

At Aider we serve all types of civil/legal cases like petitions, summons, commercial documents, complaints, corporate litigation papers, subphoena, etc in business and civil matters in all over India.

Whether you are staying out of the country or inside we help you for:

  • Serving Divorce papers in India
  • Serving Petitions in India
  • Serving Subpoena in India
  • Serving Complains and Summons in India for Divorce case filed in the USA, UK CANADA, AUSTRALIA and other countries
  • Serving Complaints and Summons in India in Civil and business matters that are filed in the UK, CANADA, USA, AUSTRALIA and other countries
  • Serving judicial and extra judicial paper in Business and civil matters in India

We also help you in locating person to be served including verification of skip-trace service, address, etc. Our legal process servers serve the important documents to the individual listed on legal document being served.

After delivery of the document, a proof of service is notarized and sent to the party who asked for it. We try and complete most of the service within a day and notify you through email/SMS for the same. Apart from filing the proof of service in the court we also send the same to you through mail or fax.

Our main aim is to provide you with quality services within time and fulfill your requirement completely. We give you timely results and assistance.

  • We carry following kinds of process services
  • Personal process service in India
  • Process service under the Hague Convention in India

Patent, Trademark & Copyright Infringment

In today’s world having an established brand name, logo and products help in increasing the company’s sale and attracting potential customers. Looking at your success and augmenting sales fraudulent activities and theft or imitation your patent or trademark may be initiated by frauds. This not only leads to decrease in the number of customers but also reduces your product value in the customer’s eye. We help you preserve the status of your brand and help you in finding the culprit who is misusing your copyright, trademark or patent. Aaider has a special team of detectives who have been working in this area and have helped thousands of companies to catch people and stop illegal activities taking under their brand name without their knowledge.

We help various companies and businesses to protect their brand identities, logos, symbols, trade dress associated with the names of their products. In our copyright protection service we assist artists, musicians, sound production companies, films, radio and TV broadcast, satellite transmission services to protect the originality of their production. There are many people who steal and produce pirated work and hence reduce the quality and price of the product thereby making the original company suffer a loss. We help companies protect themselves from such acts.

In our patent solutions service we helps in protecting your patent by assist you in filing process. Since your patent has to be renewed every year so we help you in collecting the desired paperwork and help you protect it.