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Private individuals usually do not require services of a private detective agency. However it can be extremely challenging finding a good detective when you need one. Most individuals don't know how to approach a private detective agency and what to expect.

The most important thing can be to know what kind and in what format he will be getting the information. Secondly what will be the cost of getting this Information. Usually one wants to know how reliable a detective is. How old is the company and how to know how much experience he has. It is imperative to know if the information you get will be legal or illegal. If you hire someone who doesn't know what he's doing you could land into real legal trouble.

Here is how you can find a confidential and effective detective and someone who can deliver what he promises. To find out how old the company is you can click on the link below. On this website you will be able to find how old the company is, the directors and managing director of the company and when was the company incorporated, what is the address of the company's registered office and in which city is this company operating.


To find out how old the website of the company is you can click on the link below.


You can find out how many times the domain has been renewed and how many times the phone numbers and contact information has been changed. You can use this link to find out how many times the address of the company has changed.


You could try and find out from helpline number of MTNL or other service provider how old is the telephone number of the company.

Thin line in between legal or illegal

At the time of hiring a detective and getting the reports people usually don't understand whether information captured is legal or illegal and how much trouble that information can get them into. Most cases reported by the media are usually from police files, this method usually requires finding out call details of a mobile on landline and finding out Bank information. Access to mobile records and bank account details are usually available to Govt Law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Access to such authorizations is not legally available to private detectives. For instance if the detective’s report includes Mobile Call Details or bank details you can both be prosecuted under IPC section 66/Indian Telegraph Act according up to 7 years imprisonment.

If you approach a detective and ask him to gather information on your behalf you and the detective may both get in trouble with the law if legal lines are crossed. For instance if you want mobile details or bank details of the suspect we would like to inform you that all these activities are illegal and you and the detective can be prosecuted or challenged under the law because all these tools are only legally accessible by the police the CBI the Intelligence Bureau and other government organizations. There is no private detective who has the license or has the right to access these tools.

In the past 10 years many unscrupulous Private Detectives have been taken to book for such illegal activities to find out more see the videos below

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