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Personal and Individual Services

Matrimonial Investigation

Marriage is not a matter of one day. The person whom you marry, you spend rest of your life with him and ofcourse no one would want to marry a person who is involved in illegal activities or has a criminal background. It is essential to know about the present and past of the person whom you are marrying. People usually find themselves caught with partners who have deliberately hidden their past from them.

We help you find information about your would be partner and help you know what all activities he has been involved into. Even after marriage we help you find out proofs for things that you suspect. We give you best solutions to all your problems.

Any kind of investigation that will help you know more about your family or a person with whom you are having a relation can be easily provided by us.

Establishing a business association with someone can prove fruitful only if you know about the background of a person. We as a detective agency help you gather required information and proofs to help you make right decisions.

We offer:

  • Pre Matrimonial Investigation
  • Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Divorce Case Investigation

We help you in finding facts and proofs by making use of our latest surveillance system. We help you get details about medical problems from the concerned hospitals. If you are doubtful about the character of a person then we help you find enough proof to be sure and take supportive action against it.

Here are few services offered by us:

  • Family background check
  • Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Business and profession
  • Social and financial status
  • Love affair and temperament
  • Character and habits
  • Friend circle
  • Overall suitability

Alimony / Divorce Cases

When two people are less compatible to each other or find out about his or her partner’s extra marital affairs, they file for divorce. Getting a divorce is not that easy. It requires both the partners to be in favor of getting a divorce. In case you are not getting enough proofs and evidences to show disloyalty of your partner then we will help you collect proofs. We are proud of having resolved many divorce cases by employing our skilled and experienced detectives in this field. If you wish to file a divorce case against your husband or wife due to lack of compatibility or any other reason, we would help you collect evidences and will also assist in the case filing process.

We provide even the litigation support. In case of a girl filing divorce case against her husband, we ascertain – her in-laws behavior with her, their reputation in the neighborhood, social & financial status, family background, any harassment/cruelty being subjected to her, medical fitness, any bad habit, her husband’s fidelity etc. Similarly, in case of boy filing divorce case against his wife, we ascertain her fidelity i.e. whether she having any affair with other man, if so with whom and to what extent, her medical fitness, any bad habit etc. In both the cases, we provide photo or video-graphy evidence wherever possible.

In case of maintenance being contested, we provide all litigation support like girl’s gainful employment along with a proof. In nut shell, we conduct investigation and thereby embolden the person by providing him/her sufficient material which may come handy as legal support to win the case. So look no further and get in touch with our detective agent to solve your case and help you live your life peacefully.

Proofs of Income/Living Standard:

We will provide details of business income and salary, mobile usage details and credit card expenses of the person so as to provide enough evidences to turn the tables in your favor. The objective of this investigation is either to counter such claims in the courts or counter such claims.

Medical records and proofs
We collect proofs of the pre existing ailments and get medical records of treatment from the hospitals and clinics. Objective is to fortify divorce case on insanity, cruelty, and mental torture grounds.

Proofs of Gainful Employment:

We collect ID card information, salary slips and other proofs that will help in establishment of gainful employment of the target person. Objective is to counter false financial claims of the accuser on the appeal of un-employment


Surveillance may be needed in many cases to know real truth about a person. Regular surveillance can help you see the real face of a person. We make use of our intelligent investigators who are trained properly using the best communication and surveillance systems to monitor secretly the meeting, activities and movement of a person. We give you proofs by clicking pictures and making videos of the suspect. There are times in life when you doubt the loyalty of a loved one or a person working with you. In such cases you need professionals like us to help you in finding the guilty and bring them to light. We extend our surveillance service to people and reveal truth. We collect proofs at different times and thus give you enough evidences to support your action.

Some of our investigation service includes:

  • Claims investigations
  • Video / Still Photography
  • Tracing / Verifying assets and property
  • Claims assessment and verification
  • Surveillance
  • Investigate intentions of the claimants
  • Acquire conflicting evidences,
  • Verify genuineness of submitted documents,
  • Study and acquire evidences against people connived with the claimant,
  • Provide legal services
  • Acquire relevant proofs and evidences

Theft and Burglaries

Theft and burglaries can happen anywhere. It is more frequent in MNC’s and posh areas. Theft can in cash or kind and sometimes important official papers and confidential information is stolen as well. Whatever is the kind; Aaider detective agency helps you in finding out the burglar and keeps you from incurring the losses. We offer a wide range of investigation services that include domestic theft and burglaries cases.

We have been handling these cases from years and provide you help with the theft of following:

  • Money
  • Jewelry
  • Important documents and papers
  • Pilferage of information/goods
  • Detecting lies of domestic servants/ helpers
  • Recording activities and room conversations.

With our records of finding full proof and evidences, we are able to enjoy a great reputation as a renowned detective agency. We have helped various companies/organizations and individuals to recover their stolen money and goods by catching the people involved with solid evidences and proofs.

So contact Aider detective agency when you require any kind of detective service.

Litigation Support

Whether you wish to fight a case that is on you or file a case on someone for bringing you or your company a bad name, we extend our services in both the cases. Our company offers variety of services to keep you away from all kinds of liabilities and restrictions.

Some of our litigation support services include:

  • Identifying and locating witnesses
  • Investigation of adverse witnesses.
  • The tracing of witnesses
  • Financial investigations and asset searching
  • Investigations into the character and antecedents of individuals
  • Labor court matters.
  • Evidence of any form and nature.
  • Company and corporate cases
  • Recovery matters
  • Criminal matters
  • Divorce and matrimonial disputes

Many times people need help with divorce and matrimonial cases. Proof and evidences help in solving the cases easily. We help you in fining relevant proofs by utilizing the latest technology in least possible time so that you can live your life peacefully. We also specialize in obtaining audio video proof by closely studying the scope of the case.

Background Investigation

A large number of immigrant servants, floating labourers, chowkidars, plumbers, electricians and other casual labourers come to Delhi/ NCR in search of employment. Some of these are of dubious character and have previous convictions. Employers, in most cases, have negligible prior information and idea about the character of such employee. They employ them in hurry, without proper verification, somebodys recommendation and knowing nothing or very little about the person being employed. It is necessary tand compulsory to have the character and antecedents verified either by Police or any reliable Detective Agency like us. In the recent past some domestic servants have been found responsible for even heinous crimes like murders. It is therefore recommended that each employer needs to be alert and ensure complete verification before employing domestic help.

Obtaining Proof and Evidence

Aider The whole of Indian Penal Code and criminal procedure code and the law of evidence are based of substantive proof for example.

  • Identifying and locating witnesses
  • Investigation of adverse witnesses.
  • The tracing of witnesses
  • Financial investigations and asset searching
  • Investigations into the character and antecedents of individuals
  • Labor court matters.
  • Evidence of any form and nature.

* We expertise in obtaining audio video proof by closely studying the scope of the case.

Tracing a Fraud Person

It is very obvious for bankers and insurance companies to face problems in finding people who take loan from them and run away. Most people try to give fake contact address so that they are not caught. Such people can cause a great loss to the companies. Many such cases are reported to the credit card companies. Aider has been working in this field to spot the criminal and make him repay the loan amount. The same cases can happen in companies employees taking salary in advance by showing problem at home and then stop coming to the office are also caught by our detective agency.

There are some people who avoid the sight of bankers and financers deliberately so that they don’t have to return the money they owe to them. Our tracing people service is also extended to finding missing people. People who run away from home because of some problem.

We have a large network of detectives who are experienced in finding the person who is missing deliberately or has run away from his home. We make use of the latest equipments and techniques to get you sufficient proof of the availability and location of the concerned person.

We locate:

  • Missing person
  • Collect debts
  • Locate witnesses
  • Locate mentally disturbed people
  • Trace people involved in crimes and theft
  • Locate people who owe money to others
  • Locate kidnapped persons

Location, Missing Person & Tracing

Location of missing persons is of various kinds.

Some people deliberately avoid the sight of the financers or bankers or people/company whom they owe money but deliberately want to abscond. For these persons we have a network to detect them.

It can range from the category of legally missing persons like witness of some case. Some missing loved ones of missing relatives. We have a network all over the Country and even abroad. We have professionals working for us in this field and have a wide experience in this field. We also use modern equipments for giving concrete evidence in this regard. Those evidences can be useful in front of the courts also. We have traced people who have been missing for decades.

  • Aider specializes in studying the cases closely and then acting upon it.